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Correspondence Courses

Welcome to our page for self-study.  We are supplying you with two choices for study.  

First, there are four series below which are the more traditional correspondence courses.  For those courses, just download the pdfs, print, and fill-out.  The completed course can be mailed to the included address for corrections, if desired (US and Canadian addresses only, please).  You could do one lesson at a time, or you could do a whole series.  For faster turn- around (and for foreign countries), you can also use the contact page to let me know you are doing a correspondence course.  I will send you an e-mail address where you can either scan and submit your lessons or where you can simply ask for explanations or answers to specific questions. 

The other option is a link to an on-line Bible study course.  Those lessons are all handled over the internet by faithful Christians at the Jordan Park church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama.  Click here to be taken to the on-line correspondence course.

The Origins of the Bible (6 lessons)Origins_of_the_Bible.pdf
129.9 KB

The Church That Jesus Built (10 lessons)The_Church_that_Jesus_Built.pdf
190.6 KB

 What is Sin? (7 lessons)What_is_Sin.pdf
148.8 KB

What Must I Do To Be Saved? (7 lessons)What_Must_I_Do_To_Be_Saved.pdf
141.8 KB
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